Bishop Election Timeline Announced by Standing Committee

PARRISH - The Standing Committee has released its timeline for the Bishop Coadjutor Search Process:

October 17, 2020 - Bishop Dabney Smith called for election of a Bishop Coadjutor. In consultation with the office of the Presiding Bishop, the Standing Committee began to organize search process, including the selection of a Search Committee, preparation of diocesan profile and other duties appropriate and necessary to enable the search.

June 2021 - Diocesan Survey available

July/August 2021 - Listening Sessions take place

September 2021 - The Search Committee will begin accepting nominations. Review of nominations, background work and interviews to follow through January 2022.

Spring 2022 - “Walkabout” opportunity for delegates to meet final nominees.

April 2, 2022 - Election date of Bishop Coadjutor.

Sept. 24, 2022 - Pending Presiding Bishop approval, Bishop Coadjutor will be consecrated and commence ministry with Bishop Dabney Smith.