Standing Committee Announces Bishop Coadjutor Search Committee

PARRISH - The Standing Committee has announced the members of the Bishop Coadjutor Search Committee. The committee includes elected presbyters and laity and alternates according to deanery, as well as seven appointed members and three alternates selected by the bishop (Canon XVIII, Episcopal Election Committee).

The letter from Standing Committee President the Rev. Carla McCook reads:

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

To the Clergy, Laity, and Staff of the Diocese of Southwest Florida:

We have a Bishop Coadjutor Search Committee!

Thank you to everyone who was willing to put your name forward as a nominee, we recognize that decision took discernment, courage, and a willingness to serve. Thank you to each of the seven Deans and their leadership at each Convocation. Thank you, Bishop Smith, and to those you appointed and that they have agreed to serve.

It is our pleasure to announce the elected presbyters and laity and alternates according to deanery and the seven appointed members and three alternates by the bishop to the Bishop Coadjutor Search Committee. Should any elected member not be able to complete their service then their elected alternate would take the role on the committee.

Clearwater: Electors – The Rev. Janet Tunnell, Mr. Phil Beauchamp Alternates – The Rev. Jamie Samilio, Mr. Harry Smith

Ft. Myers:

Electors – Rev. Christian Maxfield, Mr. Trevor Whitley Alternates – Mr. Jim Johnson, no presbyter alternate


Electors - The Rev. David Marshall, Ms. Jackie Overton Alternates – The Rev. Charleston Wilson, Ms. Peg Davant


Electors – The Rev. Jessica Babcock, Mr. Michael Moore, Jr. Alternates – The Rev. Nicholas Caccese, Ms. Betty Gamel

St. Petersburg:

Electors – The Rev. Ann Dieterle, Ms. Hazel Hudson-Allen Alternates – The Rev. Thomas Williams, Ms. Molly Goodwill


Electors – The Rev. David Wyly, Ms. Katie Arp Alternates – The Rev. Robert Douglas, Ms. Leila Mizer


Electors – The Rev. Roy Tuff, Ms. Kathy Silverberg Alternates – The Rev. Joe Hudson, Mr. Bruce Birgbauer

Bishop Appointments:

Mrs. Ning Bonoan; The Rev. Dr. Lynn Grinnell, Deacon; Mr. Gregory Hearing; The Rev. Adrienne Hymes; The Rev. Michael Kitt, Deacon; Mr. Kraig Koach, and Mr. Steve Salvo. Bishop’s appointed alternates: Mrs. Hillary Peete, Mr. Andrew Walker, and Rev. Elizabeth Nelson.

The first meeting of the BCSC will be a joint retreat with the Standing Committee on Friday evening, February 26 and Saturday, February 27, 2021.

The Rev. Carla McCook Standing Committee President