Bishop Coadjutor Search Update, August 27, 2021

Now that the surveys have been compiled and the listening sessions completed, the

Bishop Coadjutor Search Committee will be entering a new phase as it works

toward the goal of finding the person who will ultimately become the 6th bishop of

the Diocese of Southwest Florida.

With the work to compile a comprehensive look at the diocese complete, the

committee is ready to begin receiving nominations for the bishop’s position. The

deadline for receiving applications has been set for September 30. To assist anyone

interested in the process, a special website has been set up for the search that will

go live on Wednesday, September 1. It includes demographic information on the

diocese, historical background and, most importantly, a compilation of the

opinions and comments from those in the diocese about what they hope to see in

their next bishop.

Beginning October 1 and for the following two months, members of the Bishop

Coadjutor Search Committee will be interviewing prospective candidates and

completing their discernment process, which will culminate in a weekend retreat in

January. At the conclusion of this gathering, the committee will be ready to present

its slate of finalists to the Standing Committee and ultimately to the electing


With the approval of the Presiding Bishop, the new bishop will be consecrated in a

special service Sept. 24, 2022.